Not everyone has the time to put major work into their home. 

There  are tons of DIY fixes that you can complete in a weekend if you are  committed to rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands a little dirty! (not really) 

We filtered through some of the trendiest DIY hacks  & projects that we think will be the perfect addition to spruce up  even the most dated rooms in your home!

Painting a room or wall may sound like a tough job, but it can make all the difference and can be knocked out in a day! 

This one may sound too easy, but we promise it can be the thing to turn your kitchen from average to awesome!

We know this one is a little odd, but wallpaper is back in style! Pick a  small room and get to work! You’ll be able to conquer this task in just  a couple hours.

Have a vintage chair lying around? Or pick up something eclectic from a  garage sale this weekend? Pick up the sandpaper and a paintbrush and  give a piece a furniture some new flare!

This one is new for us too! There is actually tile that you peel and  stick! This one is great for the experimenter who wants to really try  something new in their kitchen or bathroom.

With the right tools, hanging shelves can be a breeze! Bring that empty  wall to life with some evenly spaced shelving for your mementos!

Pallets are usually something you can find laying around or maybe your  local hardware store might even hook you up with a couple free ones!  This project is great and only requires a couple basic woodworking tools  to transform any patio space. 

Swap the legs out on your old coffee table or end table for a new look! It’s simple and will take you close to 10 minutes.  

There are so many options when it comes to bathroom and kitchen sink  faucets, but if yours is starting to seem a tad dated, it may be time  for an upgrade!